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While making his annual deliveries, Santa slipped up and scattered presents all over a nearby mountain! Santa has dropped the ball (and the presents) and it's up to you finish the job. Jump, glide, and teleport with your magic snowball in this snowy platformer as you navigate treacherous terrain to find the lost presents. Can you save Christmas?

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Updated 15 days ago
PlatformsWindows, macOS


snowbound_mac.app.zip 32 MB
snowbound_windows.zip 32 MB

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Want a challenging and fulfilling Christmas quest? Snowbound invites you to the exciting job of saving Christmas. The exquisite 2D pixel platformer is a rewarding experience. The music, art style, and scenes seamlessly blend together, immersing me into the world of ice and snow. The game has more to offer than just art effects. I must say that the level designs surprise me given how simple the mechanics are. Get ready for a mentally challenging and visually refreshing break from reality!

Very fun and pretty game! The teleportation mechanic is really satisfying, this is exactly the kind of game I loved growing up