Snowbound EECS 494 Beta is released!

What’s New?

1. We used our own tile sets

2. We introduced new backgrounds
3. We added slippery surfaces, sticky surfaces and sinking island mechanics
4. We change camera zoom in zoom out function to make it more smooth
5. We added wind mechanics to blow the player
6. We designed 6 more new levels
7. Created snow shaking particle effect
8. Make level progression based on difficulty

What's the Motivation?
This week, given that we almost finished all the core mechanics of our game, we were mostly focused on making our game juicer. So, we added slippery and sticky surfaces, sinking island, and wind mechanics.
The other goal we had for this week was to make our levels more consistent. We design some new levels and organize them based on difficulty.

What's Next?
Next week, we will focus on making our levels more connected and related to the story of our game, including making a winning scene that maybe have Santa show up.
We will also change some of the background image next time to have a greater color contrast with other objects
Since the next iteration will be the final one, we will playtest our game hard to fix final bugs and streamline user experience.


The Game Apartment - Snowbound 46 MB
Nov 30, 2020

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