Snowbound EECS 494 Final Release!

Snowbound has been released!

What’s New?

1. We made more use of the slippery surfaces and the sinking island mechanics
2. We incorporated parallax to all the levels
3. We fixed the camera jittering bug
4. We added a snowball breaking animation
5. We added juice for main menu
6. We designed a whole new winning scene
7. We adjusted level difficulties to make player go through the whole game more quickly
8. We padded tiles to walls to avoid environment edges showing up in camera

What's the Motivation?
This week, given that we finished all the core mechanics of our game, we mostly focused on play testing the game and fixing small bugs. Meanwhile, we made levels juicier and smoother. We also realized that we were not making full use of all the game mechanics we have, so we incorporate more of those in our levels.

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Kevin Zou:


The Gamer Apartment - 65 MB
Dec 08, 2020

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