Snowbound EECS 494 Alpha is out!

What's New?

1. We started to use our own sprite for the player character.
2. Automatically enable bullet time while aiming
3. Implemented coyote time for player jumping
4. Added camp fire check point
5. Added a Moose enemy
6. Added space as jumpping and umbrella key 
7. Added mini map for each level
8. Created snow effect
9. Added scene transition
10. Modified the main menu
11. Added a more dynamic camera control

What's the Motivation?
The most important break through for us this week is deciding the background story and artisitc genre of the game.
The game will be centered around elements including Christmas, mountain and snow. Most of the new mechanisms 
are kinds of related to these elements. We also made some small improvement on the player control. We also added 
a sence transition to hide the reset of the character position. We also added a camp fire checkpoint and  a dynamic 
camera controller to lay down the foundation for bigger levels. 

What's Next?
The most important thing for our next phase is to start using our own assets created by our freelancer. It means a protential
overhaul to our current scene design. Making use of this chance we will try to connect smaller levels together to create bigger 
and more intensed level. What's more, we will try to add more enemy to the game to further challenge our players. We will also
add more story element to the game, including npc and dialog box. 


The Gamer Apartment - 42 MB
Nov 16, 2020

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